Rebrand - Brand Announcement

We are pleased to announce that as of 17th September 2015 TES Foundation has been rebranded as Every rebrand from TES Foundation.

After three amazing years the joint venture between TES Global and Sandgate Systems Ltd (the company behind PropertyPrefect and TES Foundation) is complete and full ownership has reverted back to the original founders Ian and Adam in order to continue our successful journey.

The rebrand will mean a great new look for our websites and products. Our logos and documentation will also be changing.

tesFoundation portraitrightArrowEveryEvery_Primary_LogoOnWhite_2colsEvery_Primary_LogoOnWhite_2cols

Frequently asked questions


What are the changes?

Ian Bond and Adam Watson, the founders and Executive Directors of Sandgate Systems Ltd, are pleased to announce that as of 28th February 2015 they have acquired the remaining shares in Sandgate Systems Ltd from TES Global. After three amazing years in a joint venture with TES Global, this new independence will offer significant benefits to our customers and staff over the coming years as we look to continue building and developing on the successful growth achieved since the incorporation of the company in 2010.

Why did you decide not to continue with the joint venture?

We wanted to accelerate our development and expand our services to help schools to operate as efficiently and as effectively as possible and the completion of the joint venture makes this possible.

TES Global will continue to focus on its mission of enabling great teaching by providing teacher and schools with the tools and technology they need to excel, wherever they are in the world.

How will it affect me?

There will be no changes to our service and your subscription will continue, as before, with Sandgate Systems Ltd. However, in celebration of our exciting new phase we will introduce a new brand which will be launched in September. Because of this, we will have a fresh, new look for our website and products, and over the following months we will be releasing some exciting new developments.

Does it affect my data or security?

All systems, security and data have always been held and run entirely separately from TES Global. Other than the name and design of the sites and products, there are no changes to our technical infrastructure. All aspects of our services are as robust and secure as they have always been.

What does it mean for my existing contract?

There is no change to your original contract as it is still with Sandgate Systems Ltd.

Are you no longer a part of TES Global?

Sandgate Systems Ltd is now wholly owned by its original founders and is therefore no longer a part of the TES Global group.

Are you financially viable?

The joint venture has enabled us to grow to a position of strength both financially and in terms of our position in the market. We have a large customer base and the management buyout demonstrates the confidence we have in the company. We are in a strong financial position meaning you can rest assured that you're in safe hands.

What does it mean going forward?

Our knowledge, vision and innovation have enabled us to create well designed and simple to use systems that our customers want. Our expertise is trusted, our reputation unparalleled and our people are dedicated.  This new independence will offer significant benefits to our customers and staff as we look to continue building and developing on the successful growth achieved over the past five years and welcome you to the new generation of Sandgate Systems Ltd.

What's in a name?

It was important that the brand reflected our values, aspirations and based on truth.

The logo, described as 'the hug' is all about providing reassurance whilst the word, Every, directly reflects what our customers say they love about us and the software: that everyone is friendly and that they now have everything in one place which gives them peace of mind and reassurance that they've got everything covered.

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