With over 5,500 schools and 70,000 users logging in monthly your company needs to be in The Every Directory!

Strategic placement

The numbers speak for themselves:

  • Tens of thousands of service contracts
  • 80,000+ regularly occurring activities such as boiler maintenance
  • 500,000+ issues this year (5000-8000 logged each week)
  • Estimated £2.5bn of assets registered (up to 100,000 registered a month)

Imagine your company is placed next to the contract when the system reminds the school that the time to serve notice is approaching. When an asset comes up for renewal your company could be placed directly next to in prime position to offer a replacement price.

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Strategic and Precise

Your company is placed next to the contracts, assets and tasks that fit your specialties. Whether you operate regionally or nationally the Every system will display your key information appropriately, based on the geography of the school.


Your company will be displayed at the optimum time, when the school is reminded that a notice period is approaching. This is the time schools really start thinking about their suppliers. At this point they can contact you directly to come to talk to them.


Every is the most popular premises, contracts, assets and procurement system in schools. The number of schools and school users is growing monthly. When you pay for your annual subscription you can be assured that the number of schools and contracts your company is placed against increases through the year.

Quotes & Deals

How would you like to receive email alerts telling you that a school is requesting a quote for the types of products or services you're providing? Well that's exactly how the Request for Quotes package works. Schools request quotes every day for a bewildering array of products and services. If you're not in Every you're missing out! How often have you called a school only to find out they've just bought something you could have quoted for. Every solves that issue for you.

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Effortless leads

You'd be hard pressed to find a more cost effective way of getting leads. For a single annual fee you'll receive alerts giving the opportunity to quote against school requests that match you. Schools request anything from iPads to Gym Equipment, from sit-on lawnmowers to paper, from playground marking services to crucifixes.

Quick quoting

You can log in to your online account and quickly decide if you're interested in quoting or not. The school won't know you've declined to quote so you won't be disadvantaged the next time a request alert is sent to you. Quoting is quick and easy with the opportunity for the school to ask questions.

Build relationships

We know, because schools tell us, they'll often find suppliers through Every that they build longer term relationships with. They can select your company directly from the Directory if you have a listing, or directly from the asset or contract if you have a placement. You'll see this in your Every dashboard as direct lead meaning they've selected you by name.

Directory Listing

There are tens of thousands of users in Every across thousands of schools. There are over 80,000 logins a month and growing, imagine your company is proudly displayed in the Every Directory, in the Every system schools use every day.

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Schools log in to their Every system every day. This gives your company a great opportunity to be seen by your potential customers in their Every Suppliers Directory.


You can enter details of your company including case studies and other useful documents that the schools can view when they click on your listing.


It's free to register and create a basic listing and from just £10 a month you can create a prioritised listing that includes a logo and promotional pages.


Strategic Placement

Your company is placed next to the contracts, assets, helpdesk issues and regular property activities that fit your specialties. Whether you operate regionally or nationally the Every system will display your key information appropriately.

From £30/month

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Quotes & Deals

Imagine receiving email alerts when a school requests a quote for products or services you provide. Probably the most cost effective qualified lead generation service around. You can even enter special deals you're running for all schools to see.

From £20/month

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Directory Listing

Our entry level package is designed to increase your exposure to schools you want to sell to. Choose your keywords and your advert is visible in our specialist education directory every minute of every day, in a system schools use every day.

From £10/month

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With each package you have an online account you can manage yourself. You can change your subscription package online and see how your listing is performing with numbers of views and clicks along with the keywords that are working well for you. You can also manage your leads, quotes and orders all from a simple online system of your own.

If you'd like to speak to someone call 08456 80 30 28 or chat online using the chat feature to the bottom right of the webpage.